We have an experienced team of welders, coded to EN287 and fabricating to weld procedure specifications accredited to BS EN  ISO 15613.  Iracroft’s welders operate with meticulous attention to detail using state-of-the-art equipment in over 40 dedicated welding bays. Our welding capabilities and equipment include MIG/MAG, TIG and, working closely with our partner EWM, Force Arc and Root Arc technologies and we apply these across materials ranging from mild steel, stainless steel and Aluminium.

Force Arc

Heat-reduced, directionally stable and powerful arc with deep penetration for the upper-power range. Force Arc gives excellent root and sidewall fusion, less distortion thanks to heat-reduced, concentrated arc to give deep penetration and directionally stable arc. Force arc reduces undercuts and is beneficial with non-alloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy steels, as well as high-tensile fine-grained steels.

Root Arc

Short arc with perfect weld modelling capabilities for effortless gap bridging and positional welding. Root arc provides optimum reduction of spatter compared to standard short arc with excellent heat-reduced welding in vertical-up positions, optimal for positional and overhead welding and giving superb root formation and secure sidewall fusion.

Orbital-TIG Welding

Iracroft has invested in one of the largest complements of orbital-TIG welding equipment available. Our 32 automated Orbi-TIG stations produce over 1 million welds per year and are used extensively for tube-to-fitting joins providing a reliable and consistent weld and equipped with endoscopic inspection for high quality control.


Iracroft has made significant investment in our brazing department and capabilities, offering 15 induction heating heads to deliver world class performance on high or low volume orders.

In addition, our highly skilled brazing team are capable of Silver & Bronze torch brazed applications for smaller batches and specific requirements.

Fitting tolerances are tightly controlled to ensure perfect joining preparation and we use only the highest quality raw materials and consumables in order to guarantee the optimum joint strength and product reliability.


Processing over 40 tonnes per week, Iracroft’s range of saws can cut tubes with diameters of up to 5 inches (127mm) whilst our deburring, degreasing and rust preventative treatment plant ensures that the cut lengths are safe and protected.

CNC Milling

Our CNC milling machines are able to move along numerous axes, allowing us to create an assortment of shapes, slots and holes. This innovation makes it possible to produce large volumes of high precision components fast and accurately.

CNC Turning

Our 1 million Orbital-TIG end-fitting welds each year could not be performed without the precision of the CNC turned end fittings which are manufactured by our approved suppliers on a comprehensive range of the latest CNC turning machinery and by experienced engineers for precision turned parts and quality machined components.

CNC Laser Cutting and Press Brake Folding

Iracroft can supply and fabricate with laser profiled components made from sheet or tube up to 25mm thickness using fibre optic & CO2 laser technology, enabling many very complex designs to be manufactured efficiently.

Laser profiled sheets are easily folded to the tightest tolerance and highest quality.

Tender Opportunity

Iracroft are looking to purchase 5 x Orbital Tig Welding Stations with range up to 76mm.

Matching clamp housings and collets will also be required.

The units will be on a supply only basis.

Interested parties should contact Paul Luvaglia, Finance Director at tenders@iracroft.co.uk.

Suppliers will be reviewed against cost and the ability to provide the capability in a short lead-time as well as availability of spares and support.

Closing date: 4th Feb 2022