Testing and Inspection

Testing and Inspection facilities

Iracroft’s extensive testing facilities include a wide range of non-destructive testing methods including helium detection, compressed air, hydrostatic and dye penetrant testing. Our Production Engineering team is strongly focused on the criticality of weld integrity and not only do we provide continuous training to our inspectors but we also continuously innovative to improve our detection methods.

Iracroft has designed and installed a catered testing process for Fluid leak detection using UV-A inspection lamps for use with fluorescent additives mixed with both water and oil test media to reveal all possible leaks on pipework and joints. Our UV Detection process is PLC controlled and we are able to offer customer specific test parameters, equipped with pressure decay analysis and total machine lock down if a leak is detected.

Testing Facilities at a glance

Pressure testing to 500 bar with UV tracer dye detection

6-axis measuring arms

XRF X-ray coating thickness analysis

Low pressure leak detection

Helium Mass Spectrometer leak testing

Dye Penetrant Inspection

Laser Particle Analyser for contaminants

Borescope for visual internal inspection of tube-to-fitting welds