Forming Processes

Tube Forming / Manipulation

Iracroft has over 40 years’ experience in cold forming manufacturing processes combined with experience across a vast range of forming technologies that will meet your specifications and requirements, whether expanding, reducing, bead or bend to mention just a few.

With over 20 CNC Tube Forming and bending machines, Iracroft offers a wide range of capabilities, forming tube (round or rectangular) or bar across sizes from 4.76mm to 76.2mm (3/16” to 3”). This wide range gives Iracroft the ability to be responsive, flexible and to operate an agile manufacturing process.

Working closely with partners BLM, Unison and Addison, whilst continuously investing in new CNC bending technology, we ensure that Iracroft provides greatest product accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility and so remains the “go to” tube bending supplier.

Iracroft offers a combination of push and pull bending and our machines include multi-stack equipment offering the ability to bend more than one radius on the same piece. Together these provide a wider capability to meet increasingly more complex design requirements.

All products are validated by state-of-the-art metrology systems, precisely measuring the most complex pathways and guaranteeing delivered excellence for your products’ lifetime fit.

End Forming and Mechanical Jointing

Working with tubular products, Iracroft offers many innovative ways to change the tube end size or profile. Our wide range of hydraulic formers cover a variety of endform possibilities including:

Expansion, Reduction, Tapering, Beading, Thread, Rolling and Flaring (37°, 45° and 90°)