Hydraulic Pipe Assemblies

We produce hydraulic pipe systems to customer designs for demanding operating environments. From simple rigid pipes to complex assemblies and geometries and tested up to 500 bar. Tubes from a variety of materials and across a wide range of diameters can be produced in self-colour or electroplated if up to 4.75m long. Assemblies can be fitted with industrial standard or customer bespoke fittings for full integration at production site.

Gas Treatment / Abatement Systems

We manufacture intricate components through to complex and larger assemblies used in gas treatment (“Abatement”) systems for the semiconductor fabrication industry. Fabricated in stainless steel, these products have to operate in extremely corrosive and toxic atmospheres so safety, integrity and reliability are critical. Iracroft’s high quality automated and manual TIG welding coupled with in-house vacuum and Helium leak detection testing enable us to ensure achievement of these exacting standards.

Brake and Fuel Lines

Using our dedicated small-bore CNC tube forming equipment, we produce complex geometry brake and fuel lines for immediate fitment to vehicles. We provide a range of end forms including high quality flared ends to industry standard or customer specifications. This combined with working in polymer coated double-walled brazed or stainless steel tube mean Iracroft’s brake and fluid line products provide the quality and confidence necessary for these vehicle safety-critical systems.

Structural Tube Assemblies

Used in vehicles and industrial equipment, we manufacture brackets, railings, steps, handles and other structural tube-based assemblies ranging from simple to complex designs. Surface finishing options include electroplated, powder-coated or wet spray painted to customer specifications. These provide superior anti-corrosion performance and mechanical properties as well as high visual finish standards.

Air Intakes and Exhausts

We CNC bend medium size and fabricate large diameter tubular pieces for use on heavy duty engines, compressors, generators and other applications with high volumes of air displacement. These can be manufactured in Aluminium, mild or stainless steel and be powder coated or wet spray painted to customer specification.

Outdoor Fabricated Structures

We fabricate structural parts for the leisure industry making durable load-bearing assemblies used across the UK. We utilize square section, circular and non-circular profiles in some complex fabrication and welding applications. Materials include Aluminium for lightweight, long-lasting corrosion resistance and robustness.