Quality Assurance

Policies and Standards

Iracroft’s policy is to supply products which meet or exceed our customers’ quality requirements.  We have developed appropriate Quality Management Systems providing conformance with our ISO9001:2015 accreditation and our quality assurance procedures are based on maintaining and improving upon the standards needed to keep us in line with the evolving requirements of ISO9001.

Iracroft has significant experience manufacturing safety critical components used within the hydraulics industry, noxious gas management systems and other demanding applications. Emphasis is placed on problem prevention rather than dependence on detection after occurrence and our Quality team includes Six-Sigma and SMMT accredited staff.

Free and open communication on all matters relating to our Quality is a fundamental requirement and an implicit part of our Quality Policy.


Company-wide approved assurance and control procedures are in place at both development and production phases to ensure the expected levels of quality. During running production, routine inspection and hold points ensure that as a product progresses the customer and internal requirements are achieved.

Product-based audits include a full specification review of customer and internal documents as well as full dimensional check and testing of sample components.

Process-based audits measuring and checking inputs, flow, outputs of our processes and procedures are used to verify manufactured quality output.


Iracroft understands and is familiar with the importance of traceability within our  production led industries, especially within sectors such as hydraulics and other safety critical applications.  Our quality processes give full traceability through our supporting procedures, documentation and process monitoring, providing traceability back to materials’ sources if required.